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Get an illustration on your next key person case!


Call 800-800-3656 ext. 10411 and North American's sales development team will show you how life insurance may be used for key person planning and help protect your clients' business.


Whether your clients own a large company or a small family-operated business, their success depends on smart strategy and planning. North American Company offers business solutions using life insurance to help ensure that all the effort and money invested in a business won't disappear when the unexpected happens.


Use one of North American's life products to help protect your clients from the loss of a key employee that could result in:

  • Costly delays in business operations
  • New venture vulnerability
  • Expensive employee replacement costs
  • Loss of income from decreases in sales
  • Difficulty securing business loans
  • Unintended transfers of shareholdings or business interests

North American's leading-edge product portfolio has the competitive performance and compensation you're looking for in a key person business case. With term, universal life, and indexed universal life insurance, we can help find a solution to your client's needs.


Rapid Builder IUL®

For death benefit protection and the potential to earn significant cash value in early policy years, try Rapid Builder IUL indexed universal life insurance:

  • Short-term cash value accumulation
  • No premium load
  • Waiver of surrender charge option1 with table shaving component2. Includes a table-shaving component that may qualify cases up to a table 3 as a standard rating.
  • Return of premium death benefit option
  • Interest bonus on both the index account and the fixed account3
  • Accelerated death benefit endorsement allows for access to a portion of the death benefit if the insured is diagnosed with a critical, chronic or terminal illness4
  • Available on North American's SimpleSubmit® e-app.


Custom Guarantee®

Today, more than ever, death benefit guarantees are important. With North American's Custom Guarantee® universal life insurance plan, what your clients buy today is what we'll deliver when it's needed.

  • Guaranteed permanent life protection – even up to age 1205
  • Low-cost protection with low face amounts starting at $25,000
  • Guaranteed exchange privilege6 allows a client to exchange to a cash-value accumulation universal life product
  • Accelerated death benefit endorsement allows for access to a portion of the death benefit if the insured is diagnosed with a critical, chronic, or terminal illness4
  • Available on North American's SimpleSubmit® e-app.



If a simple low-cost solution is what your clients are looking for, look no further than ADDvantage® Term life insurance.

  • Competitive, low-cost product for businesses on a budget
  • Level premium payments for 10, 15, 20, and 30 year periods7
  • Ability to convert this term policy to any currently available individual permanent policy should your client's needs change
  • Available on North American's SimpleSubmit® e-app.


For all of your client's business planning needs, turn to North American Company. Call sales development at 800-800-3656 ext. 10411 or email and help your clients find a solution to their business needs while building your sales!

CALIFORNIA NOTE: Agents offering, marketing, or selling accelerated death benefits for chronic illness in California must be able to describe the differences between benefits provided under an accelerated death benefit for chronic illness and benefits provided under long-term care insurance to clients. You must provide clients with the ADBE Consumer Brochure for California that includes this comparison. Comparison is for solicitation purposes only, not for conversions.

1 Available for an additional charge per $1,000 per month, depending on issue age and underwriting class. Surrender charges will be waived upon a full surrender or partial surrender. Surrender charges will not be waived if the policy is surrendered under a 1035 Exchange (except in Florida). A decrease charge will be assessed if a reduction in the policy face amount is requested during the Waiver of Surrender Charge Period. However for Rapid Builder IUL, if a partial withdrawal results in a reduction of the face amount, the withdrawal charge is waived.

2 When a person applies for life insurance coverage, his or her health is evaluated and a corresponding underwriting rating is applied. This product's table shaving features allow certain substandard underwriting rates (known as "table ratings") to be improved to a "standard" rating. A "standard" rating generally indicates average health and involves a lower life insurance premium than do substandard ratings.

3 Rapid Builder IUL offers an interest bonus to further help your clients build long-term cash value accumulation. If we are crediting interest in excess of the guaranteed interest rate and your client's policy is in effect after the 15th policy anniversary, your client's policy will receive an Interest Bonus. The Interest Bonus is 0.75 % above the then current interest rate in years 16 and thereafter. The Interest Bonus percentages are not guaranteed and subject to change; however, once a policy is issued, the percentage will not change.

4 Subject to eligibility requirements. The death benefit will be reduced by the amount of the death benefit accelerated. Since benefits are paid prior to death, a discount will be applied to the death benefit accelerated. As a result, the actual amount received will be less than the amount of the death benefit accelerated. There is an administrative fee at time of election for the chronic and terminal illness benefits. There is no administrative fee for the election of the critical illness benefit.

5 Subject to premium payment requirements.

6 Allows policyowner the right to exchange policy, without evidence of insurability and surrender charges, to one of our cash value accumulation universal life policies available at the time of exchange. The Cash Surrender Value on the new policy may not be greater than the Cash Surrender Value on the policy being exchanged. Not available for policy ages 76 and above or if there is an outstanding policy loan.

7 Premiums are guaranteed to remain level for the initial 10, 15, 20, 30 year period. After the premium guarantee period, premiums will increase annually but will never exceed the Guaranteed Annual Renewal Premium.

Indexed Universal Life products are not an investment in the "market" or in the applicable index and are subject to all policy fees and charges normally associated with most universal life insurance. For complete details on each product type, please refer to that product's marketing guide.

ADDvantage Term, Custom Guarantee UL and Rapid Builder IUL are issued on policy form series LS174, LS170, and LS176 and LS176W (with Waiver of Surrender Charge), respectively. Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness is issued on form series LR477; or state version Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Chronic Illness is issued on form LR492 in California only; Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Critical Illness is issued on form LR498 in California only; Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider is issued on form series LR450A in Florida only; Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Terminal Illness is issued on form series LR466 & LR488; by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, Administrative Office, Sioux Falls, SD 57193. Products, features, issue ages, endorsements or riders may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations or restrictions may apply.



214NL-2 1-19