Using life insurance for pension maximization

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The typical defined benefit pension plan may pose several challenges for your clients—mostly, a potentially lower monthly income during retirement, as well as a lack of flexibility to change the beneficiary or the election option. The pension maximization strategy can help your clients gain death benefit protection while making the most out of a pension plan.


Client profile

  • Needs death benefit protection and considering retirement
  • Married, age 50 to 65
  • Either spouse has a defined benefit pension plan
  • Seeking to help maximize monthly income
  • Prepared for the potential impact caused by loss of benefits for the surviving spouse that may be linked to the joint life option

Helpful tips

  • The participant is ideally several years away from retirement, which may lower premium costs based on age and health.
  • Be sure the life insurance policy is in force before the client declines the joint and survivor option.
  • When calculating the needed death benefit, consider a highly conservative approach (preparing for a scenario in which the plan participant dies soon after retiring).
  • With some pension plans, selecting the life only option may disqualify the plan participant's spouse from medical or other benefits that may be provided with the joint and survivor option.


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