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  • Legacy Optimizer Live Demo

    Legacy Optimizer is designed to provide guaranteed death benefit protection with a single premium and there's no bloodwork, no doctor visits, and no hassle. Your client can have an answer in less than 30 minutes. Learn how Legacy Optimizer could fit in your practice.

    DATE: 8/22/2017
    TIME: 10 AM CDT


Recorded Sessions: Available Anytime

  • North American's Indexed Universal Life Insurance is Delivering the Difference.

    Discover the design advantages of North American's IUL products.


  • Business Sales ideas

    Your business clients have unique life insurance needs. Let North American help simplify your sales process with our powerful sales strategies. Learn how to position products to best help your business clients with buy -sell funding, key person insurance, executive bonus plans and business continuation.


  • Income Protection

    A primary goal of life insurance is to provide financial protection at the loss of an income earner or service provider. Learn tips on what to look for and how to position life insurance for this basic but important need.


  • SimpleSubmit® Life Insurance Demo

    Check out this demo of our life insurance e-app, SimpleSubmit®


  • Product Selection

    A North American product introduction. Clearly show the strength of each life insurance product including when/where to use them. All of our more popular sales concepts are shown with the products that work most effectively for each.


  • College Funding1

    A premature death and the rising cost of college tuition can be hard on a family. Help your clients gain financial protection and help pay for college with life insurance. Understand the mechanics behind this strategy, learn how North American's Builder IUL® can provide additional funds for college and get illustration software tips.


  • Software Tips and Hints

    Review the basics of North American's life insurance software, important features and a few examples so you can put these tools to work today.


  • Life Insurance Policy Review

    Life insurance left untouched may no longer be meeting your client's needs. Position yourself as an important resource and put a periodic client review practice in place today.


  • Retirement Planning with Survivorship GIUL Insurance

    Are you limiting your retirement planning cases to just insuring one life? For married couples survivorship may be an attractive solution. 

    • Provide a death benefit for beneficiaries after the 2nd death
    • Show an income stream that lasts as long as EITHER spouse is alive
    • Learn how to get a strong performing illustration.

    Join our webinar to discover how Survivorship GIUL can be a compelling part of retirement planning solutions.


  • Delivering the Difference in Life Insurance Underwriting

    Join Roger Hofer (Director of Underwriting for North American) on this informative webinar. We'll be covering some underwriting improvements on rate class criteria, information on acceptable Visa types, Financial Underwriting, and go through several case studies. Reserve your spot today and discover changes that can impact your business and help you place more policies.


  • 4 Ways Indexed Universal Life (IUL) can Compliment a Qualified Plan

    IUL can be a great tool in retirement planning. Discover new talking points you can use with your clients. Learn how IUL can provide death benefit protection and help with effective timing of distributions, taxes, social security, and more. This is not about IUL instead of a qualified plan, but rather how IUL works WITH other sources of income. Add these new discussion points to your client meetings where applicable and help grow your retirement planning sales.


  • Smart Money Sale

    Smart money is money your clients want to control and be able to access during times of need. While there are several places to store smart money, one option to consider is indexed universal life insurance. Learn how to help your clients make their smart money sale even smarter!


  • Demystifying IUL Series Session 1 – IUL Mechanics

    Understand the basic functionality of Index Universal Life Insurance products.


  • Demystifying IUL Series Session 2 – How Insurance Companies Cover Index Credits

    Find out how index credits work on IUL products.


  • Demystifying IUL Series Session 3 – Compelling Product Features

    Learn about the most competitive features of our products, and how they can apply to your customer's needs.


  • Demystifying IUL Series Session 4 – Effective Illustration Tips

    Understand North American's illustration software and how to run it most effectively.


  • Demystifying IUL Series Session 5 – How to Sell

    Gain an understanding for how to position our IUL portfolio with your various clients' needs.


  • Retirement Planning Using Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)

    Help your clients protect what's important now while giving them a way to enjoy financial freedom later. Find out how the concept works, learn how North American's Builder IUL can provide death benefit protection and also additional stability for the retiree and get illustration software tips to help build a compelling case.


  • SimpleSubmit® Demo

    North American's SimpleSubmit e-app, powered by iPipeline's iGO®, is your solution for a quick and complete application process for nearly all of your North American business! Attend this walk-through demo to see for yourself how the SimpleSubmit e-app can help you complete your apps in record time!


  • North American's New Web Based Software – Enhancements

    Learn how to access North American's Web-Based Illustration Software, its new features, and solve enhancements.


  • North American's New Web Based Software – Demo

    Participate in a step-by-step demonstration of North American's Web-Based Illustration Software.


  • Retirement Planning Using North American's Web-Based Illustration Software

    What a combo! Join us to find out how the Retirement Planning sales concept works and helpful tips for using our new web-based illustration software with this concept.


  • How to be Smarter with the Smart Money Concept

    Presenters: Troy Haman, AJ Stafslien, & John Lulay

    Smart money is money your clients want to control and be able to access during times of need. While there are several options for where to keep this smart money, only life insurance provides death benefit protection. This session will provide not only Smart Money 101, but also “outside the box” tips and the scoop on how Smart Money fits into today’s marketplace. Whether you’re new or experienced with the Smart Money sales concept you’ll want to attend this session.


  • Legacy Building

    U.S. Baby Boomers are on track to transfer as much as $30 trillion in assets to their Gen X and Millennial children.2 Chances are, you probably have a client or two that are in the Baby Boom generation. Attend this web training to learn how to use permanent life insurance to offer death benefit protection along with an efficient way to pass along assets to beneficiaries.


  • Client Review

    Life insurance left untouched may no longer be meeting your client’s needs. Position yourself as an important resource and put a periodic client review practice in place today.


  • Help Mitigate Risk Using Rapid Builder IUL®

    There are risks to your clients’ financial strategy that life insurance may mitigate. This presentation examines the various risks that are often overlooked, as well as a potential solution that your clients should examine closely.


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Builder IUL® is issued on policy form series LS172 and Survivorship GIUL is issued on policy form series LS171/LS171W (with waiver of surrender charge) by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, Administrative Office, Sioux Falls, SD 57193 Products, features, riders, endorsements, or issues ages may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations or restrictions may apply.

Indexed Universal Life products are not an investment in the "market' or in the applicable index and are subject to all policy fees and changes normally associated with most universal life insurance.

1 The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to beneficiaries. Because of the uncertainty surrounding all funding options except savings, it is critical to encourage your clients to make personal savings the cornerstone of your clients' college funding program. However, even a well-conceived savings plan can be vulnerable. Should your clients die prematurely, their savings plan could come to an abrupt end.
To protect against this unexpected event, life insurance may be the only vehicle that can help assure the completion of a funding plan. In addition to the financial protection aspect of insurance, the tax-deferred buildup of cash values can be part of your clients' college savings plan. Generally, if the policy is not a Modified Endowment Contract then tax-free withdrawals can be made up to the contract's cost basis. Moreover, if the policy is not a Modified Endowment Contract, then loans in excess of the cost basis are also tax free as long as the policy remains in force.

2. Source: CNBC 11-30-16, Morgan Stanley 2015, Accenture. The “Greater” Wealth Transfer - Capitalizing on the Intergenerational Shift in Wealth, 2012; Accenture 2016.


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